Best Restaurants in Kirkwood

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As the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi, Kirkwood's history as a Union Pacific railroad town runs deep. That means this isn't just any run-of-the-mill stopover full of chain restaurants and motels: the food here especially is homey, authentic, and unpretentious. The staff at Suntrup Hyundai South knows it, and certainly have opinions when it comes to places to grab a bite and a drink with our friendly neighbors west of St. Louis. Here are our top picks! 

5 Star Burgers

"Creativity" is the operative word when it comes to 5 Star Burgers, and the unusual brick and mortar used to construct their namesake. If you're looking for the standard (but delicious) ketchup, mustard, onion, bacon, and American cheese, we're sure they'd serve it to you with a raised eyebrow. But really, if you're coming to 5 Star, you're coming for the Dad's Green Chile with crispy New Mexico hatch chiles and green chile mayo, or The Potsticker featuring grilled all-natural Duroc pork served with Vietnamese style slaw and a roasted peanut hoisin sauce. Best to bring some extra paper towels!

Crushed Red

It's rare that one can be as impressed with salad and pizza as one can be at Crushed Red. Your bowl of chopped vegetables - topped with the freshest ingredients - will surely be delicious. And your pizza will certainly tide you over as you watch your big game on the TV. But it's not until afterward that you'll realize how good you'll feel after gorging on all of it. That's because Crushed Red isn't only a fast and satisfying restaurant, it's devoted to nutrition and health, and produces little to no waste. The concept, created by restaurateur Chris LaRocca and father-and-son entrepreneurs Ralph and Powell Kalish, is deceptively simple, but truly remarkable in its execution. If you're looking to taste the future of what the group terms "Fast Artisan," this is the place to go. 

Café Provencal

The classic flavors of Provence have made it to Kirkwood by way of Café Provencal, where an extensive wine list and delicious bakery sit alongside a lunch and dinner menu featuring crab beignets, escargot, pate, charcuterie, and beyond-decadent desserts. Diners often find themselves battling traffic in bigger cities to experience top-tier culinary delights like these, making Provencal's location a downright privilege. Come early for lunch, and snag something off the noontime selection of sandwiches and salads to fuel the rest of your workday.

Billy G's

With traditional St. Louis favorites and big portions of family-style Italian sitting side by side, you'll soon find yourself wondering at Billy G's why it took you this long to pair the two. This is a restaurant for gathering, with an enormous patio, food that's meant to be shared, and a huge selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. Order a big shrimp and bacon pizza and a pitcher of beer for you and your friends watching baseball, then back it up with a half-pound of brisket when you want to show everyone who's truly The Boss of Sauce. Or if you're on a date, and need to look at least slightly dignified, it's still possible to opt for more demure options like seafood pasta, or a grilled salmon Nicoise salad.

Amigo's Cantina

Inside this understated Mexican restaurant tucked into Jefferson Avenue, you'll find a margarita that can't possibly be overstated. Fresh, natural, and house-made, this is possibly the best you'll find within driving distance of Kirkwood. And the food at Amigo's Cantina doesn't slouch either: Mexican crab cakes, baked nachos, and slow-roasted carnitas served fajita-style with salsa verde are the standouts here, with a selection of familiar favorites that goes farther than expected at a neighborhood taco and burrito stop like this one. 

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