How to Program Hyundai HomeLink®

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Purchased a new Hyundai or a used model near St. Louis with HomeLink® technology built in? Asking yourself what is Hyundai HomeLink®? Hyundai HomeLink® is a popular and useful vehicle-based wireless control system found in many Hyundai vehicles. Using buttons usually located on your rearview mirror, Hyundai HomeLink® can open and close your garage door or other gate in a manner that integrates perfectly with your driving experience. Want to learn the Hyundai HomeLink® setup to program it quickly and easily? Follow this easy guide from Suntrup Hyundai South.

How to Program the Hyundai HomeLink® Garage Door Opener

Many drivers don't use the built-in garage door opener in their vehicle because they simply don't know how to program it. But it's easier than you might expect. Before you start, clear your garage door, and have your garage door opener remote in-hand. Then locate the garage door buttons in your Hyundai usually found on the rearview mirror. Then, read through the following steps so you know the process before following them:

  1. Park your vehicle outside your garage, and close your garage door. 
  2. Press and hold the two outside garage door buttons on the left and the right until you see the corresponding red light next to them begin to flash.
  3. Press and hold the garage door button on your garage door remote control while simultaneously pressing and holding the HomeLink® garage door button on your Hyundai rearview mirror. 
  4. Wait until you see the red light on your rearview mirror turn solid or flash very quickly. A slow flash means that the system is still programming.
  5. Press the button and see if your garage door opens. If it doesn't, repeat these steps, and if it doesn't work a second time, continue through the rest of this guide.
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How to Program Hyundai Hyundai HomeLink® With a Rolling Code System

If you're not finding your garage door opening as expected, a rolling code system might be the cause. To program with a rolling code system, you'll need to follow a different set of steps, with the use of a ladder and a friend or family member. Read, and then follow these steps:

  1. Check your garage door opener user manual to locate the "learn" or "smart" button on your unit, then have your assistant climb up the ladder, and press and release it.
  2. Once pressed, quickly press the appropriate HomeLink button in your Hyundai for 2 seconds.

Help With Hyundai Technology Is Available at Suntrup Hyundai South

Need more help programming your Hyundai HomeLink®? Want to learn about other technologies like Smart Cruise Control? Don't hesitate to contact us! We're the St. Louis Hyundai experts, and we're always happy to answer questions about our models, services, or Hyundai HomeLink® programming.