Difference Between Coupe vs. Sedan

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When comparing coupe vs. sedan, the main difference is in door count, with sedans having four doors and coupes having two. However, there is more separation between these two body styles than simple door counts. Learn more about the coupe vs. sedan question with the help of Suntrup Hyundai South!

Difference Between Coupe and Sedan

The major difference between a coupe and a sedan involves the door count. Coupes have two doors, whereas sedans have four. Although Hyundai no longer makes a coupe, you can still find their flagship sedans at our Hyundai dealership near St Louis. Whether you choose a Sonata or an Elantra, you’ll be choosing an excellent sedan.

Coupe vs. Sedan Pros and Cons

So, which type of car is best for your Jefferson County drives? Weigh the following factors when considering the sedan vs. coupe matchup:

  • Performance Specs: Coupes are smaller, and their design often results in sportier performance than sedans. Sedans tend to be more flexible with options for engines and suspension systems.
  • Exterior Styling: Sedans can come with lots of luxurious styling additions, especially on upper trims. Coupes have their own distinct, sporty look thanks to their extended two-door design and long rear windows.
  • Interior Dimensions and Seating: Sedans have more interior space for your passengers, most often seating up to five. Coupes are great for two-person joyrides but probably won’t have much space for others.
  • Cargo Space: Sedans are generally longer and thus provide more cargo space than coupes.

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