What is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®?

2020 Venue dashboard

SHIFTRONIC® is a unique transmission system found on select Hyundai models that allow Mehlville drivers to override the automatic transmission and manually shift gears. The advanced onboard computer also prevents the engine from either stalling or over-revving while SHIFTRONIC® is in use. This provides Hyundai drivers with the advanced control of a manual transmission when needed, and the ease of an automatic transmission during regular driving conditions. Explore when and how to use the Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® system at Suntrup Hyundai South.


To activate the SHIFTRONIC® system, the driver simply needs to move the shift lever into the SHIFTRONIC® gear position. Depending on your vehicle, you can switch gears quickly and easily by performing one of the following steps:

  • Paddle Shifters: Press the “+” button on the paddle shifter to upshift and the “-” button paddle shifter to downshift.
  • Regular Gear Shift: Push the shift lever forward to upshift and pull the lever backward to downshift.


SHIFTRONIC® technology provides Hyundai fans with the best of both transmission worlds, and when properly used, SHIFTRONIC® can improve handling, braking, and fuel economy. Engage the SHIFTRONIC® system on your Fenton drive to experience:

  • Extra Control: When the weather gets rough, the SHIFTRONIC® system can give you added control to avoid additional slipping and sliding. Simply use SHIFTRONIC® to downshift instead of braking to decrease your speed without skidding.
  • Improved Acceleration: In certain instances, quicker acceleration can help you get out of the path of collision. Correctly used, SHIFTRONIC® will provide the driver with faster acceleration.
  • Easy Deceleration: Drivers can downshift to reduce speeds without applying the brakes.
  • More Fun: Many drivers love the feeling of added power and control that the SHIFTRONIC® system can provide them.

Experience SHIFTRONIC® at Suntrup Hyundai South

The flexibility and ease of use make the SHIFTRONIC® system, as well as other features like Smart Cruise Control, make them standout features on popular models like the Hyundai Elantra. Explore the rest of the Hyundai lineup to find a SHIFTRONIC® model that fits what you are looking for at Suntrup Hyundai South. Then contact us to set up a test drive in Oakville!