What Does Hyundai Mean?

2020 Hyundai Model Parked at Home

If you’ve ever wondered how the Hyundai brand got its name, Suntrup Hyundai South in St. Louis has the answer! Hyundai is Korean, and there’s more significance to the Hyundai logo than meets the eye. Explore the meaning behind the brand and its logo below! Contact us to learn more about what makes Hyundai vehicles unique!

What is the “Hyundai” Meaning in English?

In Korean, the word “Hyundai” translates roughly to the word “modernity” and was chosen in 1947 when the South Korean company, Hyundai Construction, was founded. When it split off into a separate brand, it adopted a new slogan that reflected what the new brand represented: “New thinking, new possibilities.”

How Do You Pronounce “Hyundai”?

There are different ways drivers pronounce “Hyundai” in Europe and America. No one expects non-native Korean speakers to have perfect pronunciation! Most Americans pronounce it so that it rhymes with Sunday, but many people in the UK and beyond pronounce it “high-UN-dye.”

What Does the Hyundai Logo Mean?

The modern-looking silver logo has long since become a staple on the streets of St Louis. Resembling a slanted “H,” it leans to the right, representing motion rather than if it leaned left, which is more passive. The movement of the “H” represents modernity and its corresponding motto that has shaped the brand into what it is today. There are a few additional hidden meanings to the logo that the untrained eye will miss:

  • Though Americans may miss the subtle lines in the logo, it is meant to look like two people shaking hands.
  • The logo in the above context is meant to represent the brand’s commitment to its customers.
  • It represents not only their commitment to their customers but also the more literal representation of a salesperson and shopper shaking hands.
  • The silver oval encircling the figures symbolizes the globalist ambitions that the brand has achieved through the marketing and distribution of its cost-effective and fuel-efficient vehicles.
Close-Up of Hyundai Grille

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