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Hyundai Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Hyundai Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service at Suntrup Hyundai in St. Louis

Did you know the check engine light in your Hyundai vehicle doesn’t tell you about just the condition of the engine? Modern cars have sensors on all its critical systems, from the engine to the transmission, fuel system, exhaust, suspension, steering, and much, much more. If any of these sensors detect a serious problem with your vehicle, the check engine light will illuminate to let you know to seek help from a trained Hyundai technician. Whenever your check engine light turns on, visit Suntrup Hyundai to get an expert diagnosis!


What Does the Check Engine Light Mean on My Vehicle?

The check engine light indicates some problem with your car. It can even indicate small, easy-to-fix problems such as a loose, missing or cracked gas cap. The check engine light only informs you that an issue has been detected. Once you bring your vehicle to our authorized Hyundai service center, our technicians can grab the specific error code stored in your vehicle’s onboard computer and begin the diagnosis process.

What if the Check Engine Light is Blinking on My Vehicle?

A blinking check engine light indicates a more severe problem has occurred with your vehicle. If the check engine light is blinking, the vehicle may not be safe to drive! For example, the engine could overheat, turning a minor problem into catastrophic engine damage that can cost you thousands in engine overhaul costs! That’s why, whenever you see a blinking check engine light on your car, it’s a good idea to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Then, request a tow for your vehicle to our service department at Suntrup Hyundai. Give us a call and we can help connect you to a reliable towing service available near you if we cannot come get the vehicle ourselves.


Why Choose Suntrup Hyundai for Check Engine Light Diagnosis?

Suntrup Hyundai is proud to be your source for genuine OEM Hyundai parts and fluids from factory-trained Hyundai experts. Only a certified Hyundai dealership service center like ours provides the level of expert service and customer care that you deserve. Our technicians are trained by the Hyundai factory, and receive ongoing training throughout the year in all the latest Hyundai engineering. They’ll perform all maintenance and repair services exactly according to Hyundai manufacturer guidelines. This ensures all repairs are carried out right the first time with the lasting quality and durability you expect from your Hyundai vehicle. With genuine Hyundai parts and components, your vehicle will look, feel and drive just like new once we’re done. Genuine Hyundai OEM parts provide proven performance and fit that aftermarket components can’t always match.


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