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Parts & Service FAQs:

Auto Parts & Service | Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, we can’t all be mechanics, so if you’re out in Ballwin, Kirkwood, Affton, or another St. Louis area borough and you’ve got a few questions about the service and maintenance of your Hyundai vehicle, including how to program HomeLink® or when to rotate tires, check out our FAQ below to see if we answered it, and if not, give a technician a call at 877-735-6774!

Service & Parts FAQs:

  • Q-Do I need an appointment to get service at Suntrup Hyundai South?
    A-Here at Suntrup Hyundai South, we’re proud to offer Suntrup Express Maintenance; it’s no-appointment-necessary, and we do our best to have you in and out in 30 minutes or less!
  • Q-What if I need or want an appointment?
    A-We understand; for services that take more than 30 minutes or for those St. Louis drivers who would rather have something penciled-in, we’re making it easier than ever to schedule your appointment online and get the professional service you deserve.
  • Q-How often should I have my oil changed?
    A-Conventional wisdom used to say, every 3,000 miles, no matter what. Well, things have changed quite a bit, and now some engines can go up to 7,500 miles without a change. Your individual oil-change interval will depend on a lot of different factors, including which Hyundai model you’re driving. Other factors include how you drive, what conditions you drive in, and what type of oil you use. A quick consultation of your Hyundai Owners’ Manual should give you the individual recommended oil-change interval for your particular model. Lost your manual or want a second opinion? Our talented techs are happy to help!
  • Q-Are there any signs I can look for that indicate my brake pads need work?
    A-Your brakes are obviously pretty important, so you want to be vigilant about their health. Here are some signs you can look out for that may indicate brake trouble or the need for a brake-pad replacement: when you press the brake, it feels “spongey” and less-responsive than usual; if you press the brake and hear a squeal or squeaking sound; or here’s a biggie: if your brake light illuminates on the dashboard-all of these mean it’s time to get your brakes checked out by a professional.
  • Q-Are genuine OEM Hyundai Parts actually important?
    A-They sure are! Most OEM parts come with a warranty of their own, so not only were the designed to fit with your Hyundai model and the overall-Hyundai systems, it also comes backed by the peace of mind of a warranty.