Premium vs. Regular Gas

woman putting gas in car

What’s the difference between premium and regular gas? About 20 cents. No, but seriously, should you be filling your tank with only premium gas? If you’re like most Mehlville drivers, you like to keep your car running in top shape, but don’t want to have to drain your bank account to do it. Suntrup Hyundai South of Oakville wants to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision at the pump. So let’s dive into the differences between these two grades of gasoline to help you decide between premium vs. regular gas.

The Differences Between Premium and Regular Gas

The main difference between premium vs. regular gas is the octane level. Regular unleaded gasoline has an octane level of 87, whereas premium gas has an octane level of 92. What does octane do? Simply put, higher octane gas does a better job of preventing engine knocking. Engine knocking occurs when a piston fires at the wrong time, often due to a faulty spark plug. This can damage the engine’s valves, requiring costly repairs. Higher octane gas does the best job of helping to ensure that the pistons fire when they are supposed to.

So Do You Need to Use Premium Gas for Your Car?

Not necessarily. Some engines require premium gas to run like they are supposed to, while other engines run just fine on regular gas. With the cost difference between premium and regular gas at Afton area gas stations, you should probably know which kind of engine you have. To determine whether your car needs premium or regular gas, check the inside of the gas tank door. If your car requires premium gas, there should be a sticker that says so. If there isn’t a sticker there, check your owner’s manual. What the manufacturer says is the determining factor when choosing between premium vs. regular gas.

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