Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

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Hyundai Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

One of the most common oil changes in St. Louis is the semi-synthetic oil change. Many Hyundai owners This is one of three oil change options available for gas-powered Hyundai models. If you think you need a semi-synthetic oil change, there are a few things to keep in mind.


What Is An Oil Change?

This process requires the current oil from your engine to be drained completely and then replaced with fresh engine oil. For the best performance of the oil, the filter should also be changed out so that fewer contaminants are getting into the oil. Because changing the oil requires your Hyundai to be lifted, it should be done by certified technicians who are familiar with your model and the service.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Compared to Others

There are several types of oil that you can choose from as a Hyundai owner, but the most popular is semi-synthetic oil. It is a blend of the other two oil options, conventional oil, and full-synthetic oil that provides stronger oil for your engine at a more affordable price. Those Hyundai owners who are looking to make the switch to full synthetic use the Hyundai semi-synthetic oil change version for several oil changes so that the engine becomes accustomed to the synthetic-blend motor oil.

Other Oil Types

Conventional oil is the lowest grade that is man-made is probably the cheapest option. However, its performance compared to semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil is less impressive. It is ideal when a vehicle is brand new and has no wear on the engine. Full-synthetic oil is the strongest oil available but without the right migration, it can shock your engine it is not used to it. As your engine gets older and more worn with miles, full-synthetic oil will be the better option to prolong the life of the motor. It is also the most expensive.

Purpose Of An Oil Change

No matter what type of oil you choose to use, the oil change itself is critical for the operation and maintenance of your Hyundai. Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, the oil that is in your engine must be changed and replaced with fresh oil. The purpose of the oil is to maintain a clean and operable engine in all weather and driving conditions. Your oil keeps debris from being lodged in the engine and causing unwanted corrosion. The oil does have a lifespan, however, and needs to be changed periodically so that it can keep up this same protection for your motor.


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