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Wiper blades are some of the most criminally underappreciated parts of your vehicle. Because they are so small and we often take them for granted, they can often be left unaddressed for years until the problems start to show themselves. Wiper blades don’t last forever and need periodic replacement using blades designed for your vehicle and your vehicle only. Fortunately for Hyundai owners in St. Louis, MO, the signs of wiper blade damage, wear, and tear is easy to identify. As soon as you begin to notice your wiper blades aren’t what they once were, give our service center a call at Suntrup Hyundai, and we’ll have them swapped out and replaced with new OEM windshield blades that are up to the task.

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Signs of Wiper Blade Damage to Watch Out For

The most obvious sign of wiper blade damage is when they begin to become totally ineffective at clearing the water, snow, etc. from your windshield. This is usually when most customers realize they have an issue with their wiper blades, and they go about searching for new blades for their vehicle. You don’t have to (and definitely shouldn’t) wait until your wiper blades get to that point. Inspecting them for cracks in the rubber, or looking for rubber pulling away from the metal part of the arm will both help you identify wiper blade problems before they become serious. You may also begin to notice sounds or streaks left behind by your wiper blades when they’re just beginning to wear out, which is a great time to replace your wiper blades preemptively.

Driving With Damaged or Ineffective Wiper Blades is Extremely Dangerous

You may not think it’s quite so serious, but having wiper blades that aren’t adequate for the job is extremely dangerous for you and others on the road around you. When you become unable to see out of your windshield during a rainstorm, you become so much more dangerous on the road. Not only are you in danger of injuring yourself and doing damage to your Hyundai, but you’re also putting other vehicles and pedestrians on the road in danger. Don’t risk it for yourself or for others’ sakes – simply schedule your wiper blade replacement online with Suntrup Hyundai, and we’ll get you fitted with brand new wiper blades that will keep you safe on St. Louis, MO roads.


Home / Office Pick-up and Delivery Services Available at Suntrup Hyundai

Whenever you need wiper blade replacement service, simply drive up to our express service department, and they’ll get new ones installed for you in a rapid manner. Should you be unable to leave your current location, ask for our home/office pick-up and delivery service, where our certified technicians can transport your vehicle to and from its service appointment for you. Schedule Hyundai wiper blade replacement service online with Suntrup Hyundai today.

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