What is Hyundai Smart Cruise Control?

2020 Hyundai Palisade on Open Highway
If you’re looking at a new Hyundai, cruise control may not seem like an exciting feature. However, Hyundai Smart Cruise Control is an advanced and adaptive version of the standard speed-keeping feature that brings an added measure of convenience and safety to your Oakville commute. Find out how this active safety technology works and what it does with Suntrup Hyundai South!

What is Hyundai Smart Cruise Control?

Found on various new Hyundai models, Smart Cruise Control enables Afton drivers to maintain a preselected distance from any vehicle ahead in the same lane. As with most conventional cruise control systems, the Hyundai Smart Cruise Control system can keep your Hyundai traveling an open road at a specified highway speed without the need for continuous adjustments by the driver. However, the Smart Cruise Control offers additional capabilities:

  • It’s able to detect when preceding vehicles have stopped or slowed down.
  • Once the system senses a change in the preceding vehicle’s speed, Smart Cruise Control responds by adjusting the speed of your Hyundai to ensure you maintain a safe distance.

Smart Cruise Control Stop and Go

The Hyundai Smart Cruise Control system can help you slow down or stop to stay with the flow of traffic. What’s more, when paired with Stop and Go, Smart Cruise Control can even set your Hyundai back in motion, bringing you back up to speed while maintaining a safe distance.

How Does Hyundai Smart Cruise Control Work?

Allowing vehicles to react to their environment automatically, this Hyundai Cruise Control uses radar technology to track cars in front of your vehicle. Continuously emitting low-powered radar waves, the Smart Cruise Control system uses these waves to detect the distance and speed of any preceding cars in a snap. This quick and constant monitoring allows the Smart Cruise Control system to respond immediately when the vehicle in front of you slows down to stops by reducing the speed of, or completely stopping, your Hyundai model.

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